European Blues Award Winner 2013 (Best Band)
European Blues Award winner 2015 Ted McKenna (Best Musician, Performance)

                                   picture by Simon Dunkerley


Rory’s music reached a massive audience from Norway to Spain, from Japan to the USA, Covering all parts of the globe and producing some of the greatest rock/blues albums of the 60’s 70's and the 80's.

Sadly we lost Rory on 14th June 1995, to his devoted fans and followers this was the ultimate tragedy.
The BAND OF FRIENDS is not a tribute to Rory,
more a celebration of his life and music

'Please be assured that this is no tribute band.
Think a rendition of a composer's former work performed by those who have a full right to both perform it and choose their musicians.
RG would approve. No Doubt'
Noel Buckley, (Get Ready to Rock UK)

'Having had the privilege of seeing Rory Gallagher live (as well as several tribute acts),
I can honestly say that this gig is the closest that anyone will ever come to his sound, style and sheer energy of delivery.
This wasn't a gig, it was a concert.
This certainly was a 'Celebration of the music of Rory Gallagher' and it's great to see they are doing a fantastic job of keeping the music of this great musician alive.'
                       Rob Dodgson, (Annular Media UK)



Ted McKenna.
Winner of Best Musician at the 2015 European Blues Awards.. more

European Blues Awards 2015.
We've just found out that our very own Ted McKenna has been nominated for "Musician Of The Year"!.. more

Blues in the Northwest.
Band Of Friends made a welcome return to The Cavern in Liverpool.. more

Newsletter (3)
Hi all,
A quick update to let you know what’s happening with the band.
We went into pre-production on the 11th October, to finish off the
songs we had been working on, for the best part of 18 months.

On the 19th October, after we played three great shows in the UK we entered “The Edge” studios, in the heart of Cheshire.
We locked ourselves away, working with our new engineer Mark Winterburn.
Up to date we have recorded around 12 tracks.
We will return to the studio, early in the new year to continue the project.

Heading towards the end of the year, we all meet up tomorrow to travel to our first of four shows in Germany and Austria.
The first show being Rimsting Germany on the 11th November, followed by three Austrian shows.
Vienna, Frauental, and Ried im Inkreiss.on the 12th/13th/14th.
Then we go to Holland and France, finally finishing of the year in Athens, Greece.

Ted has been nominated for "Best Musician" by the European blues awards, So here’s hoping.
We should have the results in a few days.
Keep an eye on the tour page, for up and coming shows.

Keep Rockin!
Gerry, Ted, Marcel
Band of Friends


Friday 27th November.
Ozoir La Ferriere (FR)

Saturday 28th November.
Le Bois D'Arcy (FR)





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