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Unlocking The Keys
..A man who needs no introduction, but still absolutely deserves one, Gerry McAvoy is one of the most grooving, pocket, and chops-having bass players of all time. For over 20 years, from 1970 until 1991, Gerry played with who is my favorite guitarist of all time, Rory Gallagher..

Unlocking The keys with Linc Bradham.

Hi all.
Hope everyone is keeping safe.
Well at last we are back on the road.
Next week we play The Northern Kin festival, Co Durham on the 18th September, on stage at 16:05hrs.
This will be the third UK show with the new lineup.
Gerry, Brendan, Paul Rose & Jim Kirkpatrick.

Then its off to the Netherlands, where we play CC Bullekerk Zaandam (NL) 24th September.
Our German tour kicks off on the 30th September at Exil, Gottingen.
With a quick hop over to Barcelona, Spain for the Festival International Blues de Cerdanyola on the 6th October.
Back to the UK for three shows.
The Cluny, Newcastle on the 8th October.
Carlisle Blues Rock Festival on the 9th October.
And back to The Cavern, Liverpool on the 10th October, on stage 3PM
Back to Germany where we continue the tour at Kofferfabrik, Furth on the 14th October.

All these shows will be with the new Lineup.
Except for 22nd October Scheur, Idstein / 23rd October Hanseat, Salzwedel
24th October Harmonie, Bonn, Where we have our old friend Stephan Graf standing in for Jim Kirkpatrick.
We hope to see you along the way.
Come and join us. Lets have some fun together.
Band of Friends

German Kultrock Festival.
The Kultrock Festival is moved to 13th Aug 2022.

Scottish Shows.
The Scottish shows in June have been cancelled!
Because of Peter McCallums decision, the scheduled shows for June 2021 in Scotland have been cancelled.
We are looking to reschedule the shows to 2022.
We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.
We will keep you posted.

..Concerts cancelled all ticket holders will be refunded..
Read the newsletter from PM Music, Band of Friends agent in Scotland here:Statement from PM Music.

The Bass Guitar Channel Radio Show.
...The bassist for Rory’s entire recorded solo canon was John Gerrard “Gerry” McAvoy.
Unlike traditional blues rock players, McAvoy rendered contrapuntal melodies, chords, and counter rhythms which afforded Gallagher an expansive platform for his improvisational forays on stage and in the studio...
Watch here: "A Conversation With Gerry McAvoy"

De Bosuil Weert (NL)

Box Music.
For those who couldn't login at Box Music or missed the broadcast.

You can listen
to the broadcast here: Boxmusic

Coluna Blues Rock.
Interview with Gerry McAvoy by Ellen Caroline.
...Since we lost Ted I decided to change the lineup of Band of Friends. Marcel has formed his own band. We now have Brendan O'Neill (Rory 1981-1991) on drums. Paul Rose on guitar Stephan Graf on guitar...

...The troubles were in full momentum when Rory and the band decided to play some shows in Ireland.
These shows included playing the Ulster Hall, Belfast, where I had seen Taste play a few years previous.
Coming from Belfast I was probably more aware of the dangers than the rest of the guys...
Read the article (Portuguese/English) here:Coluna Blues Rock

Online gig Band of Friends
If you missed the online "Christmas" concert from Band of Friends!

You can watch it here on: FaceBook or YouTube.

Band of Friends YouTube.
Please subscribe to the new YouTube Channel for promos & updates.

Interview with Gerry McAvoy
"...we all ended up at the airport, in a coffee shop...passing the time away and speaking with Frank Zappa.
I was 19. And it was amazing."

"...Yeah, I listened to Paul McCartney a lot. And then I started listening to guys like Willie Dixon.  When I got into the blues, I was listening to guys like that."
Read the interview by Casey Chambers, Wichita Kansas here: The College Crowd Digs Me.

USA Tour 2020.
USA Tour 10th - 26th September has been rescheduled to Fall/Winter 2021.
Exact dates will be confirmed soon.

Eclipsed Rock Magazin.
"Ich hatte den eindruck, dass er mich und unseren drummer Wilgar Campbell unter die lupe nahm"
"Dann wollte er wissen, ob ich zu einigen konzerten in Frankreich mitkommen möchte"
"Rory war der boss, und das musstest du akzeptieren"
Read the article by Wolfgang Thomas here:Eclipsed Rock Magazin

Online gig Band of Friends
If you missed the online gig from Band of Friends!

You can watch it here: FaceBook or YouTube.

Dear friends,
Because of the current threat of Covid 19, all shows have been cancelled until the end of June 2020.
Shows will be rescheduled, so please refer to the tour page on this web site for all updates.
We are concerned for everyone's safety, so we and the venues have no option but to cancel.
Let's hope this situation changes sooner than later.
Please keep safe and we will see you soon.

From March 2020 Band of Friends will have two different line ups.
For European shows the line up will be:
Gerry McAvoy (Bass & vocals)  Brendan ONeill (Drums)  Stephan Graf (Guitar & vocals) Paul Rose (Guitar & vocals)

In September 2020 Band of Friends will return to the USA for their 5th tour.
The line up for the USA will be:
Gerry McAvoy (Bass & vocals) Brendan O'Neill (Drums) Davy Knowles (Guitar & vocals)

The Telegraph Newspaper.
"A nice article from The Telegraph Newspaper"

Read the article by Ed power here: The Telegraph

Web Gig Live.
Rory Gallagher International Online Festival.

Sunday 14th June 5-8pm UK, Rory Gallagher FB page.

Newsletter 2020
We would like to thank everyone for their support throughout 2019.
We have had some great shows, with the help of some fine musicians.
Thank you to Mike Hansen, Jean Rosset and John Martin for stepping up to the drum rostrum at very short notice.
You guys did a great job, under very difficult circumstances, I’m sure we will see you again soon.

Brendan O'Neill has now come on board as a semi-solid member of the band.
He was the right man for the job, after playing with Rory for 10 years (1981 – 1991).
He was the obvious choice.

As you know 2019 is also tinged with sadness.
We lost our dear friend and comrade Ted McKenna in January, sadly Ted’s cousin Hugh McKenna passed away just a few weeks ago.
Hugh was also featured on the last BOF CD "Repeat after me".
We also lost some close friends and musicians, who we remember with fondness.

So 2020, which is Rorys 25th Anniversary, will be celebrated by Band of Friends with some new line up changes.
When Gerry decided to put the band together back in 2011, he first approached Ted, who had the idea of using different musicians as often as possible.
Hence the name Band of Friends.
We never really developed this idea, except for having friends and musicians join us on stage for an impromptu jam session.
Gerry said "I think we just sort of roller coasted along, Myself, Ted and Marcel were happy to let the band take its own course, which it did."

From March 2020 Band of Friends will have two different line ups.
For European shows through March, April, July and August the line up will be:
Gerry McAvoy (Bass & vocals)  Brendan ONeill (drums)  Stephan Graf (Guitar & vocals) Paul Rose (Guitar & vocals)

Throughout May & June the line up will be:
Gerry McAvoy (bass & vocals) Brendan ONeill (drums) Davy Knowles (Guitar & vocals)
This last line up will also return to the USA in September 2020 for the bands 5th tour over there.

Marcel has formed his own band "Marcel Scherpenzeel Band"
We wish him good fortune with his project.
See you soon,

Remembering The big man. One year on.
Never forgotten Ted. RIP

After the tragic loss of Ted McKenna, Gerry has decided to continue with Band of Friends.
Brendan O'Neill will be joining for most of their shows.
Brendan played in the Rory Gallagher Band from 1981-1991.
"After we lost Ted, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue with the band, but after reading
so many of your comments on FaceBook and other media outlets, I deceided to continue".
Thank you for your support.
Gerry McAvoy

The Band has just completed their 3rd US Tour, to much acclaim.
2019 will see The Band travel through Europe, taking in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, France, Ireland, England.

2020 will be Rory's 25th anniversary.
So we are planning something special for this.
Keep an eye on the web site and FaceBook for all developments.

We look forward to seeing you all the upcoming shows.
Keep on Rocking!
Gerry, Marcel, Brendan

Homeland video.
We have been working on this video for Homeland for quite sometime.
It has been shelved for many reasons, but we feel now is the right time to release it.
Hope you enjoy it.

Many thanks to Jim Sullivan, for his patience in putting it together.

4th october Borderline London.
We are sorry to say that the Borderline show has been cancelled.
This is due to the fact that the Borderline will be closing it’s doors to live music in August 2019.
We have exhausted all our resources to find another suitable London venue, but at this late date it’s impossible.
We hope to arrange another London show in 2020.

Riding Shotgun.
A revised and updated edition of Riding Shotgun is being launched on 20th November 2018.

Riding Shotgun: On the Road with Rory Gallagher, Nine Below Zero, Band of Friends, the new version of Gerry McAvoy's much acclaimed autobiography, features an extended epilogue plus updated information and several new photographs from Gerry's personal collection.

The book is available from or, for European and American buyers, direct from the publisher SPG Triumph by contacting the company via their website where you can order a copy using Paypal.

The book will also be available at future European and American gigs in 2018/19.

News Letter.
Here we are at the end of the Summer.
Getting ready to have a good time, Rocking & Rolling through Germany & Holland from 4th October to 10th November (see tour dates)

After a couple of UK shows, Leicester & Liverpool. We head back to the USA & Canada for a tour of mostly West coast venues.
We’ve had a successful year up until now.
Enjoying playing some great festivals in the UK, Belgium,Holland, France, Germany and Hungary.
It was great to meet up with Walter Trout at the Rory Gallagher international festival, in Ballyshannon.
Hope to see you there next year.
Also it was a pleasure to share the stage with
Van Morrison and Little Steve Van Zandt at the Peer festival in Belgium.

Most of the CD’s have sold out on our online shop.
We will be restocking in the next few weeks.
Look forward to seeing you along the way.

News Letter.
2018 will see some changes within Band of Friends.

Gerry, Ted and Marcel will still be rocking somewhere close to you but will also be working with some different musicians and Brendan O'Neill will be coming on board for some shows.

As you may know, Brendan played with Rory for 10 years 1981 – 1991 and will be replacing Ted for a few shows, while Ted is on tour with Michael Schenker Fest. 

Marcel will also be doing some shows, with the Marcel Scherpenzeel band.

Also, we are happy to announce that Gerry and Ted will hook up with Davy Knowles for some shows. Gerry met Davy, a fan of Rory's music and a great guitarist, a long time back while gigging on The Isle of Man, Davy's birth place.

Band of Friends with Gerry, Ted and Davy will be touring the USA through Nov/Dec 2018.
Once again keep an eye on the web site (
Tour dates).

Daryl's House Club.
Band of Friends live at Daryl's House Club April 18th.

Watch the video on DHC FB page.

USA Tour April 2018.
Band of Friends with Gerry, Ted & Davy will be touring the USA through April 2018.


The Birchmere Music Hall.
Here we are in DC.

European Blues Awards.
We have been nominated for the European Blues Awards again (Best Band).

Go to European Blues Awards and vote for for your favourite live band.
Thank you.

Lust for Life
De 20 beste life acts.

Wat maakte Rory Gallagher in jouw optiek zo bijzonder als performer?
...Zijn totale toewijding. Rory was volkomen authentiek,
Hij was daarnaast natuurlijk een fenomenale gitarist...
Read the complete article here
: LustforLife.

Cropredy with Dan Ar Braz.

                               picture by Simon Dunkerley

European Blues Award.
Ted McKenna finally receives Best Musician Award.

Ted McKenna from Band of Friends receives the award for Best Musician 2015 from Bluesman Mike Francis last Friday 7th July at the Linton Blues Festival UK 2017

Interview with Gerry McAvoy
"Er wordt mij wel vaker gevraagd of Band of Friends aan mijn verwachtingen voldoet.
Ik heb eerlijk gezegd nooit iets verwacht.
Kijk, ineens dient zich een kans aan, die pak je en het begint te lopen.
Je slaat vervolgens op een bepaald moment een richting in zonder precies te weten waar je uitkomt.
Het enige wat ik altijd zeker wist is dat de muziek van Rory nog altijd overal tot de verbeelding spreekt."
Read the complete article here
: BluesMagazine

Gitarre & Bass.
Interview with Gerry McAvoy before the concert at the BluesGarage Isernhagen.
You can watch the conversation here
: Gitarre & Bass

Dutch Blues Awards.
Congratulations Marcel Scherpenzeel!

Winner of the Best Guitarist at the 2016 Dutch Blues Awards.
Thanks to everyone who voted for Marcel.

Concert review W2 Den Bosch.
By Ton Kok.
...Ook in de tweede helft van de set een mooie bloemlezing uit het repertoire van de G-Man met hier ondermeer "Bought And Sold", "Tattoo'd Lady" en "Shadow Play". Uiteraard ontbreekt een schitterende versie van "A Million Miles Away" niet.
Het nummer wordt opgedragen aan Wilgar Campbell, Rod de'Ath en Lou Martin, maar ook aan Alvin Lee en natuurlijk Rory.
Het publiek zingt dit nummer van begin tot einde uit volle borst mee en het is toch wel hartverwarmend om te zien dat Rory nog volop leeft in de harten van veel fans...
Read the article here
: TheBluesAlone

Concert review De Bosuil Weert.
By Walther Vanheuckelom.
...Vanaf het begin werden alle registers open getrokken met 'The Man I Am', een bluesrocker van topklasse en ook de opener van hun recentste album.
De energieke bassist Gerry McAvoy bestreek weer het hele podium en zocht zoals altijd veel contact met het publiek en met zijn mede muzikanten

Ted McKenna was weer erg gedreven achter zijn drumkit en hield alles met sterk slagwerk onder controle.
Marcel was in zijn gekende stijl weer groots en ging er weer zo stevig tegen aan op zijn oude Fender Stratocaster, dat er na een paar nummers al veel zweetdruppels te bespeuren waren.
Zowel het publiek als het trio op het podium hadden het naar hun zin en dat was heel erg te merken tijdens het strakke 'Do You Read Me'...
Read the article here
: Concertmonkey

Dé Blueskrant.
..."Repeat After me" Een album dat vanaf het eerste nummer tot het laatste nummer stampt en rockt zonder de blues ook maar een moment uit het oog te verliezen.
Een plaat gemaakt met ouderwets vakmanschap zoals de allergrootsten uit Groot-Brittanië dat voor hun deden.
Met dit album willen we laten horen dat BOF een opzichzelfstaande band is dat het natuurlijke proces van progressie niet afdamt.

...Ik hou van het Rory repertoire en we blijven dat gewoon spelen in welke vorm dan ook. Onze muziek is in de basis niet veel anders geworden...
Read the complete article here
: Dé Blueskrant. (PDF)

European Blues Awards.
Wow. Another award nomination!
We feel pretty special to be up against Wilko Johnson, Jimmy Castro, Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks.
If you think we're worth the title of "Best Band", then please cast your vote : European Blues Awards

Album review (Altcountryforum)
Review by Johan Schoenmakers.
...Het nieuwste avontuur "Repeat After Me" laat een hecht klinkende band horen met grotendeels eigen materiaal met als boodschap alle aspecten van het leven goed te overdenken.
Een plaat die uitpuilt van de ouderwetse vakmanschap. Zorgvuldig repeterend voordat de opnameknop werd ingedrukt.
De invloeden van de lichtvoetige zestiger jaren popmuziek met fraaie samenzang in nummers als Parisian Girls, Repeat After Me en Homeland zou je een ontwikkeling kunnen noemen.
Toch overheerst op het nieuwe album op superieuze wijze de combinatie van blues en rock.Genieten geblazen...
Read the article here:

Dutch Blues Awards.
We love him, You all love him, and the blues foundation have now nominated him for Blues Guitarist of the Year!

Should you wish to cast your vote for the amazing Marcel Scherpenzeel , you can do so here: Dutch Blues Awards

Album review (Keys and Chords)
Review by Lambert Smits.
...Schoolvoorbeelden hiervan zijn het supermooie, door Marcel met subliem gitaarwerk geïnjecteerde 'A Sense Of Freedom', 'Homeland' en 'Parisian Girls'.
En wie bij 'Nothing For Nothing' de adrenaline niet door zijn lijf voelt gieren of kan weerstaan aan dat opzwepend rifje uit 'Pick Up The Gun' is toch echt wel een 'kouwe kikker'.

...'Repeat After Me' is een album dat bol staat met songs die met beide voeten stevig in de rock en blues staan. Band Of Friends weet verdomd goed hoe ze hun invloeden en talenten moeten benutten en vooral welke muzikale richting ze wensen in te slaan.
Read the article here:
Keys and Chords

Album review (Concert Monkey)
Review by Walter Vanheuckelom.
...'Nothing For Nothing' begint met een verschroeiende gitaar riff en in 'Wanna Be Next To You' haalt Marcel weergaloos uit op de Stratocaster. De ritme sectie met Ted McKenna op drums en Gerry McAvoy op bas is in grote doen tijdens 'Pick Up The Gun'.
Read the article here: ConcertMonkey

Album review (Gitarist).
Rory Gallagher is al heel lang niet meer onder ons, maar zijn ritmesectie (bassist Gerry McAvoy en drummer Ted McKenna) werkt alweer enige tijd samen met met de Amsterdamse zanger/gitarist Marcel Scherpenzeel.
Tot aan zijn heldere, transparante Strat-geluid is Gallaghers invloed te horen.
Toch is 'Repeat After Me' geen oefening in nostalgie.

Het is een op zichzelf staande, frisse bluesrockplaat met tien gloednieuwe nummers.
En een opvallend krachtige, vervormde interpretatie van het folky A Sense Of Freedom, dat Gallagher met Frankie Miller opnam.
King Of The Street lijkt een eerbetoon aan (of parodie op) Bob Dylan. (KP)
Source: Gitarist.

Album review (De Muziekrecensist).
BAND OF FRIENDS behelst het samenwerkings-
verband tussen de Nederlandse bluesrocker Marcel Scherpenzeel met de ritmesectie van de in 1995 veel te vroeg overleden Rory Gallagher, te weten Gerry McAvoy (bas, zang) en Ted McKenna (drums, zang).
Ze werken al sinds 2011 samen met als doel de muziek van de Ierse meestergitarist levend te houden, maar nu hebben ze dus ook een cd gemaakt met daarop eigen werk dat de mannen gezamenlijk schreven, behalve dan A Sense Of Freedom, de heerlijke cover van Frankie 'Fucking' Miller.

Die composities op Repeat After Me vallen, dat zal niemand verbazen, in het bluesy hardrockidioom zoals ook Rory Gallagher die schreef.
Persoonlijke favorieten: Don't Ever Change, Repeat After Me, Homeland (een liedje dat ik hitkansen toedicht) en Wanna Be Next To You.

'Marcel is the closest thing to Rory you'd ever hear', aldus McAvoy in een interview en als er iemand is dat zo iets kan beoordelen, dan is het hij wel.
Lekkere rockplaat van een band die de planken uit het podium speelt.
Review by Joop.
Source: De Muziekrecensist

A Brand New Album.
Released 3rd October 2016.

Release their 2nd studio album "Repeat After Me"

 1 Don't Ever Change
 2 The Man I Am
 3 Repeat After Me
 4 A Sense Of Freedom
 5 Homeland
 6 Soul To Soul
 7 Nothing For Nothing
 8 Wanna Be Next To You
 9 Pick Up The Gun
10 Parisian Girls
11 King Of The Street
The album is available to buy on the website and through the usual digital channels(iTunes/Amazon).

With the exception of 'A Sense Of Freedom' (Written by Frankie Miller, and performed by Frankie, Rory Gallagher, Gerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna for the film of the same name in 1979), 'Repeat After Me' is an album of entirely original songs.

McAvoy says "the band adopted an old school approach of fully rehearsing the pieces before a record button was hit.
We both rehearsed and wrote the songs at the same time.
At times it was quite daunting"

With a focus on all our musical influences.
Marcel's love of Rock & Roll and blues and Gerry and Ted's background, playing top 40 songs in the sixties, Tamla Motown, Soul music.
Plus being influenced by the likes of Rory Gallagher, Alex Harvey and other writing talents.
This became a melting pot, when stirred became potent.

This music is as technically demanding as anything BOF have ever played.
As a whole, it's a confident and assertive exploration of the possibilities of a modern trio.
Lyrically, 'Repeat After Me' is extremely diverse. Taking on all aspects of life, on and off the road.
'Repeat After Me' is a vital addition for Band Of Friends, and Rory Gallagher fans alike.

Whilst essentially the core of Rory Gallagher's band (1978-1981) - Band Of Friends have progressed towards being a songwriting team in their own right.
Peerless and relentlessly creative; Gerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna have played as a rhythm section together for a total of  8 years - with the addition of guitar supremo Marcel Scherpenzeel in 2012, the band have gone from strength to strength - Winner of the European Blues Award in 2013, and Best musician award (2015 Ted McKenna) Keeping alive the spirit of Rory Gallagher with their perfect renditions of old favourites, with the addition of their own material, Band Of Friends continue to impress audiences  around the World.

Guitar Player 2007.
Interview with Alex Lifeson.(Rush)

Rory Gallagher opened for Rush back in the '80s.
Did you get any blues inspiration from him?

Absolutely. He was awesome. We opened for him in 1974, so it was great to do those shows with him in the '80s.
I learned a lot from him. All those pick-harmonic things I do-I got those from him.

I also loved his use of syncopated delays. I think he was an essential player for that period, and he was just a terrific person.
He influenced a lot of guys. He was a huge influence on the Edge.
Read the article here: Guitar Player

Ballyshannon 2016.
Sound Check at Ballyshannon.

                       Recorded by Matthew Kelly

A nice piece of history.
Ted & Gerry in 1979.

Nieuwe Revu.
Marcel had a great piece in the Dutch magazine "Nieuwe Revu" (3 parts)
Interview by Mark van den Tempel, Photos by Gerard Wessels.

...Maar wie was toch de boomlange gitarist naast hem die er de ene waanzinnige solo na de andere uitperste?...
Read the article here: Revu part1

...Dan kijk je op en zie je 8000 mensen staan en denk je, godverdomme. Maar uiteindelijk valt dat altijd weer weg. Wij staan ons mannetje.
Het is eigenlijk altijd een feest...
Read the article here: Revu part2

...Elke muzikant heeft iets destructiefs, die nemen voor lief wat ze hebben bereikt.
Dan is het heel goed om even te gaan zitten om te bedenken waar je in het leven staat.
Thuis in Amsterdam is dat precies wat Marcel doet. Terugkijken, en beseffen dat het ook heel anders had kunnen lopen...
Read the article here:
Revu part3

Concert review Downtown Bluesclub, Hamburg
By Philipp Wolter.

...Wir drängeln uns gerade mit Getränken bewaffnet nach vorne, da betritt die Band auch schon die Bühne.
Den ersten Eindruck fasst wohl jeder sofort in den Gedanken: „Alter, haben die Bock!“ Die drei lieben, was sie tun, das ist mal ganz klar...
Read the article here: Dremufuestias

Concert Monkey.
Album review of "Live 'N' Kickin".
By Walter Vanheuckelom.

...Net als Rory heeft Marcel die kenmerkende en heel gedreven stijl van gitaar spelen. Gerry McAvoy en Ted McKenna zijn duidelijk op elkaar ingespeeld en zorgen voor de uptempo groove.
'Moonchild' heeft dezelfde energie en dynamiek als zijn voorganger.
Dit is muziek die je speelt, maar ook beluistert met heel je hart en ziel...
Read the article here: Concert Monkey

European Blues Awards.
Band Of Friends drummer McKenna, formerly of the Rory Gallagher Band and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, tells The Blues: "Being nominated was a surprise – I didn't know anything about it.
We've been busy with the new album and I only found out on the old Facebook".

                (Photo by Tony Joe Gardner)

"It’s very nice to win something like this. It makes you feel people are paying attention to what the band's doing.
Thanks to all the people who took the time to vote for me.
Rock'n'roll – and blues, of course!"
Source: European Blues Awards

The Blues Alone.
Live review De Boerderij Zoetermeer.
By Giel van der Hoeven.

...Al vanaf het openingsnummer 'Continental Op'-waarbij Gerry McAvoy opkwam met gebalde vuist-was die synergie tussen de drie duidelijk zichtbaar en voelbaar.
In een houding als Meneer Wijdbeens beroerd McAvoy voornamelijk met zijn wijsvinger de bassnaren en bespeeld hij het publiek geraffineerd maar spontaan.
Want de energie mag dan onuitputtelijk zijn, het moet natuurlijk wel opgewekt worden!

Drummer Ted McKenna werd onlangs nog verkozen tot European Blues Award winner 2015 (Best Musician, Performance).
De man heeft een geweldige staat van dienst maar verscholen tussen zijn potten en pannen liet hij zoals altijd vooral van zich horen middels strakke opzwepende ritmes.

Met alleen in 'Off The Handle' een kort solo-uitstapje als hij wordt aangemoedigd door Gerry: "Do you have the blues mister McKenna?!"...
Read the article here: The Blues Alone

Concert Monkey.
Live review Spirit of 66 Verviers.
By Walter Vanheuckelom.

...In Verviers mochten we 'Sing It With The Band' horen, een rocker met een meezing refrein, die naadloos overging in ''Leap Of Feath', dat zo op een Rory album had kunnen staan.
De finale begon er aan te komen en dus ook de grootste hits van de Ierse legende Rory Gallagher.

Het feestje begon met het erg gedreven 'Philby' en orkestmeester Gerry zorgde er weer voor dat er telkens een luidruchtig Yeah, Yeah, Yeah doorheen De Spirit klonk.
Zelfs minuten na het einde van het nummer was het enthousiaste publiek nog aan het meezingen.

Marcel ging weer zinderend te keer op zijn Strat en even later stonden beide heren weer zij aan zij op de rand van het podium de show te stelen, tot grote tevredenheid van het publiek...
Read the article here: Concert Monkey


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